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  Lost Spring

The title of the cycle epitomizes the thought of Brigitta Rossetti, a really versatile and continuously evolving artist “In my works I try to share my interest in the theme of nature, which I cherish so much. Nature nourishes us throughout our life and this is why it deserves respect. Since such attitude is often lacking, I try to focus on it with my paintings”.
Lost Spring

I Nature appears veiled in Lost Spring -. “I like invisible works”, Brigitta Rossetti explains - just as though the bright colours that represent nature were fading away because of lack of care. The Lost Spring series is actually a sort of fading practice technique, as Susanna Gualazzini clearly points out, where nature seems to go by and slip away with its dearest and best known shapes, yet leaving agonizing sinopias behind.

In order to achieve such an effect Brigitta Rossetti has made use of absolutely unusual materials (which is one of her characteristics) such as paper towels. She aims at undoing reality by means of alien syntaxes and then proposes it again as a chromatic agglomerate by means of a new language or different perceptive points of view.

Lost Spring

Plucked off flowers, signs of desert, dispersed pollen and above all silence, which pervades the stillness of these painted backgrounds interspersed with a skilful use of collage, to describe a spring that no longer exists with its bright hues and scents because of the altered cycle of seasons, but which, however, lives on in people's moods and feelings, eager as they are of such vernal splendour.

It is our inner self with its need for light and warmth that the artist is master in conveying, thus fostering a surge of freedom. She achieves this by means of light emphasis on colour, just as light as the sense of release that comes at the end of those moments when a what is worst seems to have no redemption.

This is what remains at the end of such a journey within a lost spring impressed on our souls; actually it takes the visionary capacity of an artist like Brigitta Rossetti to give voice to a longing feeling falteringly lingering between regret and freedom.

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